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What people say

The following testimonials are from an anonymous survey conducted after an eight-week group coaching program.

Small weekly goals lead to bigger successes. Struggles along the way are expected but how to deal with them and how to get back on track are the key to success!

Susan is wonderful! She knows just how to get us to set realistic goals, but not feel bad about ourselves if we don't meet our expectations. She is very encouraging and positive.

It was amazing to hear other women talk about themselves and to realize we had similar struggles and obstacles, but we were able to encourage one another to get through them or move past them.

Susan is an excellent facilitator and an inspiration to us all. Her positive, calm, easy personality has given me a peace I didn't realize was in me. This has been the fastest, most enjoyable, most thought provoking, and most inspirational course I've done in a long time.

I learned that I am not alone in the way I feel. I was relieved to learn that the others had the same struggles I did. Weight loss, pressures of being a caregiver, disappointments, feelings of inadequacies. I learned so much about myself; I am stronger than I thought I was.

I learned so much about myself during this class that it actually surprised me. I finally realized that wellness is about more than just diet and exercise---it's a mind-set. Setting goals is helpful, but don't beat yourself up if you miss it one week

Susan facilitated an amazing program for us. You would think that it should be easy to figure out what is bothering you personally, but it isn't. Susan found a way to make me feel comfortable in a work setting enough to share things about my personal life that I may not have done otherwise. Finding time to take care of myself is difficult, but this program was right on. I'm thankful for the relationships that have been started because of this program. She was also good about keeping us reigned in if needed. Susan was encouraging and gave me fantastic resources to help me continue on this path.

Susan is an AMAZING facilitator and coach. She is probably one of the most gifted in this skill I have encountered. She is able to take ANYthing someone brings to the table and tie it in to the topic, the current conversation; and to help that person see the success in it and a different perspective to encourage them to push forward. Without always giving a direct answer, she is able to pull ideas out of the person, furthering the "student's" success. Extremely respectful - gracious to EVERY person and EVERY response, feeling, comment, goal.

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